Snow Warmer - Wool and the Gang

Can be bought ready to wear or in a do it yourself kit.

Ethical, traditional, inspirational, recreational … and totally original.

Ever since Swiss-brand Wool and the Gang was founded by a pioneer of DIY fashion, Lisa Sabrier and Carolyn Main, in December 2008, their exquisite Peruvian yarns are enveloping an ever-expanding ‘gang’ of knitwear enthusiasts and knitters across the globe. Whether you choose a ready-to-wear piece that has been hand-made in the mountainous regions of Peru, or opt for one of the Ready-to-Knit kits – the result will be a treasured piece of craftsmanship infused with the wisdom of countless generations. Both timeless and timely – WATG embodies the caring face of fashion and re-connection to our creative selves.


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